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Move On

..because sometimes all we can do is learn from our mistakes, change for the better and move on.



Don’t let the name of this playlist fool you. My focus this week, is in direct opposition to any and all things which would imply nonchalance. Seeing old things with new eyes… this, my friends, is my recipe for battling against indifference. Jaded, I must never become. Enjoy! Slowly – Dropout ILYSB (Ferdinand Weber Remix) – LANY What […]



Not thinking of the past, I have made a vow to continually move forward. Trudging along the path that I have mapped out, I will see where I end up. Whether I stick to the plan, or forge a new route… I will never stop moving. And since music is my greatest motivator, I shall bring it […]



I realized fairly early on that I was a heart on my sleeve kind of person. Sensitive to everything around me, it’s not just about feeling, but truly understanding and allowing myself to be affected by my surroundings. That being said, sometimes it requires a great deal of energy and focus for me to not become […]


10 Things: Why Is Love So Hard?

I have experienced love in so many ways, on several different levels throughout my life, and one thing I’ve learned is just how perplexing it is. Love is complicated, and very rarely black and white. Lately, I’ve been struggling with not only how to explain and define love, but also the ways in which I recognize, give and […]



March is off to quite a good start, and I’m so excited about this week’s bunch of goodies for La Liste. We’ve got a tear-jerking video that (re)defines love, an artistic short-story that illustrates a designer’s Spring 2015 collection, a beautifully honest and raw dance film that takes you voguing through the streets of Staten Island, and my […]

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